Fleet FAQ

Fleet & Commercial Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why factory order?

A: If you factory order, you can get exactly what you want, in the colours you want. It will also help save you money as you are not paying for options that you might not want. It allows you to have a uniform fleet, which can ease office politics as everyone is driving the same spec'd truck. For fleet deals in Chilliwack, Bannister GM is where you want to visit!


Q: How long does a Fleet Order take?

A: A normal fleet order takes between 10 and 12 weeks. As a GM dealer, we work very hard to ensure orders arrive as soon as possible.


Q: What do I need to qualify for a Fleet number/FAN?

A: In order to purchase fleet vehicles in BC, you need 5 registered and licensed vehicles to qualify for a fleet account number. Alternatively, you can also qualify by purchasing a minimum of 3 vehicles at one time.


Q: Will a Fleet Number save me money?

A: If you have a fleet number, there are numerous programs that allow you to save money. At Bannister GM, we are always trying to save the customer the highest amount of money possible. If for some reason the retail credits offer more savings, we are able to use them. We will use whatever GM program offers the most savings to customers.


Q: I work for a company that has a fleet number, can I use it?

A: The company that has the fleet number has to be the registered owner in order to utilize the fleet savings. In some cases, however, there is an opportunity for savings from preferred pricing for customers of certain companies that do business with GM. We will do everything possible to ensure that you will receive the maximum savings on your vehicle purchase.


Q: I purchase under a Fleet number, do all the vehicles have to be the same?

A: You can order or purchase whatever vehicles that you would like. They do not have to be all the same.