Benefits of Leasing

Lower monthly investment than what you would pay to finance a loan for the same investment. Lease payments are generally lower than a loan payment with a similar term and interest rate. The result is your can have a lower payment or keep the payment the same and drive a nicer vehicle.

  • Drive more car for less money and trade up more often!
  • Drive new for the price of used!
  • Down payment is flexible!
  • Cash flow benefits as you avoid putting too much of your money in a vehicle!
  • Peace of mind of knowing your vehicle is under a new car warranty!
  • You only pay tax on the monthly payment, rather than up front on the full price of the vehicle. That adds up to big savings!
  • Gratification of an affordable new vehicle more often (every 2-3 years!)
  • Even better if you turn the vehicle in before the factory bumper-to-bumper warranty expires, and therefore you never have to deal with mechanical difficulties!
  • Leasing does not affect your ability to borrow for your business because a lease unlike a loan, it is neither an asset nor a liability!

One of the best parts to leasing is that you also have options at lease end. At the end of your lease, you may hand in the vehicle if it was well maintained, and not have to worry about negotiating its trade-in value, buy the vehicle, re-lease the vehicle, or use any equity as a trade-in:

Keep it

If you love your vehicle and don't want to part with it, simply buy it for the guaranteed residual price (which is generally a wholesale price) or extend the lease.

Trade it

If you decide you want a new vehicle just trade in the old one. If the trade value exceeds the residual value, the difference is yours to apply to your new vehicle.

Keep the Profit

If you sell the vehicle yourself privately for more than the guaranteed residual price, the excess is yours to keep.

Return it

If market conditions change or if you just don't want to trade or sell it, then based on the lease term & condition of the returned vehicle, you may opt to return the vehicle to us.