Vehicle Appraisal Event

Don’t Miss Out!

We are holding a free, no-obligation, vehicle appraisal event this weekend!

From November 19th-20th come get a free vehicle evaluation. Whether you’re looking to sell your vehicle and hit the road in a brand new ride, or you just want to know how much your current vehicle is worth, now is the time to get your car appraised!

Our team is ready to provide YOU with an on-the-spot appraisal of your vehicle. This is a zero-obligation appraisal, meaning that you can come and get a quality appraisal in approximately 15 minutes without feeling the need to purchase a new vehicle from us.

The Process:

1. Come To The Dealership

Our qualified team members will check you in and introduce you to the store and a trained Product Advisor will walk you through the appraisal process.

2. Show Us Your Vehicle

We’ll snap some photos of your vehicle and make notes of any features that make your vehicle unique. Photos then get uploaded to our appraisal and auction tool.

3. Get Your Custom Offer

We’ll get a real-time value for your vehicle from our system. At this point, you get to decide if you’re happy with the appraisal rate and want to sell!

With limited space, and a limited time offer, make sure to fill out the form below to book your free trade valuation!

Book Your Vehicle Appraisal

This weekend only! Spots are limited, so book your free, no-obligation vehicle appraisal now!